Quote marks around isapi_fcgi.dll


One thing I noticed extra quote marks were put around the isapi_fcgi.dll within the IIS MMC
I then checked for quote marks around the isapi_fcgi.dll entry - because during my testing it had caused an fast cgi server error
You can check this value by using the IIS MMC , right click the site / select properties / click home tab / click configuration button / click the ISAPI mappings tab / scroll down to .fcgi, select it and click edit.
If the reference to the isapi_fcgi.dll file location has quote marks around it remove both of them.
Many thanks for the great work - what you're doing makes life much easier for those of us who are new to rails.
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bheinz wrote Feb 14, 2007 at 7:24 AM

Thanks dorjem, I will take a look at the extra quotation marks. I believe I needed those in there under Server 2003 when I was still storing isapi_fcgi.dll in c:\program files\ror4iisfcgi\isapifcgi because of the long file format restriction. I will verify this fails when the path is a psuedo short file path(no spaces) like c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\isapi_fcgi.dll (current install path on x32 windows).

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Resolved with changeset 18431.

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