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Several bug fixes and improvements


Bugs Addressed:
  • If you reinstall over the top of an existing install while the website is still running, the install would fail because libfcgi.dll in windows sysdir is currently in use on overwrite.
  • The script for IIS 6 just assumes it should stop IIS as well as restart it. This has changed and now just stops the website. However IIS is recommended to be restarted to prevent orphaned FCGI processes, so IIS is still restarted after install finishes.
  • If an existing app pool has the same name as the one being created, the install script fails.
  • Script now has more output logging in installer window.
  • Script window is now hidden and stdout is redirected to installers log window.
  • Converted the script to a .js file from a .vb file (my personal preference for readability and more intuitive exception handling)
  • Return codes are properly passed back from the script to the installer.
  • Beefed up IIS 5.1 support but it still does not support virtual directories (but can be easily modifed to do so).
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bheinz wrote Jan 30, 2007 at 12:22 PM

This has been resolved with the release of 1.0.3, if you like the changes please let me know.

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