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The Ruby on Rails (ROR) framework is typically run under Apache on both Linux and Windows Systems. For those that do not wish to use Apache to host their solutions on windows, one alternative is running under Internet Information Services (IIS) World Wide Web Publishing (W3SVC) service.

The installer packages Shane Careveo's Fast-CGI ISAPI filter, Ionic's Rewrite ISAPI filter, SQL Server support for rails and my IIS configuration scripts to allow for seamless integration of your Ruby On Rails web application with Microsoft's IIS web server on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit).

This is the most complete solution for hosting your Ruby Rails application under IIS.

The installer is compiled using the Nullsoft Installer System (NSIS). IIS setup is handled by my jscript file which leverages the ADSI API and is executed from the installer. It installs the Rewrite filter, FCGI filter (including registry config settings), Ruby FCGI bindings and configures the IIS website.

Questions or comments? Please use the discussions.

8/8/2012 - That didn't pan out. This project hasn't been worked on in several years. If you haven't considered it yet, please take a look at hosting in the cloud with my friends from Tier 3 who built .net support into VMWare's Cloud Foundry. Their project can be found over at Iron Foundry. They support .net + anything supported by Cloud Foundry, including Ruby On Rails.
Cinco De Mayo 2010 - Sounds like a friend of mine may be taking over this project... finally! If anyone can rate the release that would be great. It has been over 2 years since last code change, does this even still work?
21 Jul 2008 - Looking for a volunteer to take over this project for me.
04 Jun 2007 - Making Rails HTTP Status codes return properly to IIS clients.
20 Feb 2007 - Version 1.0.5 has been released!
As always, feedback is appreciated!

Important Please Read This: You must override the ActionController AbstractRequest class's request_uri method, otherwise your application will not work properly! If you run the installer, you can also find the documentation in the IIS_Configuration.html under the installation path/documentation. I am also adding it here for a quick reference: Documentation For Modifying The request_uri Method.

Maybe some day: Documentation or support for setting up multiple rails apps side-by-side.

Required Procedure: Documentation For Modifying The request_uri Method
Rails bug Fix: Making Rails HTTP Status codes return properly to IIS clients.
Documentation for Manually Configuring IIS Fast-CGI For Ruby On Rails (work in progress)
Documentation and sample files for Ruby Test Integration With

Tier 3 - Enterprise Cloud
Iron Foundry - open PAAS for .net

used by this project
Ruby on Rails
Ionic's Isapi Rewrite for IIS
Shane Careveo's FCGI ISAPI Filter

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